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IEEE Access






Healthcare 5.0 is a system that can be deployed to provide various healthcare services. It does these services by utilising a new generation of information technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big data analytics, blockchain and cloud computing. Due to the introduction of healthcare 5.0, the paradigm has been now changed. It is disease-centered to patient-centered care where it provides healthcare services and supports to the people. However, there are several security issues and challenges in healthcare 5.0 which may cause the leakage or alteration of sensitive healthcare data. This demands that we need a robust framework in order to secure the data of healthcare 5.0, which can facilitate different security related procedures like authentication, access control, key management and intrusion detection. Therefore, in this review article, we propose the design of a secure generalized healthcare 5.0 framework. The details of various applications of healthcare 5.0 along with the security requirements and threat model of healthcare 5.0 are provided. Next, we discuss about the existing security mechanisms in healthcare 5.0 along with their performance comparison. Some future research directions are finally discussed for the researchers working in healthcare 5.0 domain.

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Wazid, M., Das, A. K., Mohd, N., & Park, Y. (2022). Healthcare 5.0 security framework: Applications, issues and future research directions. IEEE Access, 10, 129429-129442.


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