The annual Wallenberg Lecture is sponsored by the Marc and Connie Jacobson Philanthropic Foundation. Speakers for the Wallenberg Lecture are chosen by the University. They must be humanitarians - those who are "making the world a better place" - balanced in their philosophical beliefs, and not at either extreme of the social spectrum. More about the Series.

DVD or VHS videos are available in Special Collections & University Archives for the following: Patch Adams, Oscar Arias, Jaap Doek, Robert Edsel, Alan Gross, Richard C. Holbrooke, Rory Kennedy, Kati Marton, Elie Weisel, Betty Williams.


Lectures from 2018, Charles Best

Lectures from 2017

Entrepreneur, Author and Philanthropist, Founder & CEO of Pencils of Promise, Adam Braun

Lectures from 2008

"With Knowledge Comes Responsibility: The Darfur Crisis", Mia Farrow