What is ODU’s “Blue Line” Project about?

You’ve seen the maps, watched the movies, heard the news, and maybe even wound your way around Norfolk during sunny day flooding, a nor’easter, or a tropical downpour. What has become widely recognized as “nuisance flooding,” however, has the potential to become chronic, even debilitating with future sea level rise. The scientific evidence has accumulated, taken from many forms of observations, satellites, data buoys, GPS, and even high water marks evident on the streets, buildings and lawns around us. Future projections of sea level rise will bring increasing, historically unprecedented frequency and severity of tidal flooding to Hampton Roads even without a hurricane or nor’easter. We need to be cognizant of such shifting baselines and inherently dynamic aspects of our coastal environment.

Project Website: ODU Blue Line Project, Norfolk, VA


Submissions from 2021

Video: Fly-Through: High Tide at the Chrysler Museum, Old Dominion University

Submissions from 2019

WAVY 10: ODU Project Brings Awareness to Future Tidal Flooding in Norfolk, WAVY 10 On Your Side