ODU Professors Brendan Baylor and Kelly Morse created the Hothouse Project, where art, language, and environmental science converge. Hothouse is a participatory sculpture project using the tropical greenhouse as a metaphor for climate change. The following elements evoke the feeling of crisis without resolving into a specific event or time:

  • Screen-printed panels present different facets of environmental destabilization, ranging across past and projected future catastrophic events.
  • Forms abstracted from tide tables wrap around the structure beneath silhouettes of Virginia species negatively impacted by climate change.
  • Layered alongside these compositions are a graph depicting the past 100 years of the global average temperature, a flood map of Norfolk, and images taken from recent superstorm events.

Floodzone is Anastasia Samoylova’s photographic investigation into the physical and psychological effects of sea-level rise along South Florida’s coastline.




The Hothouse Project, Brendan Baylor


FloodZone, Anastasia Samoylova