Rethinking Canada the Promise of Women's History


Rethinking Canada the Promise of Women's History



The Promise of Women's History presents readings on the key developments in Canadian, and more generally, women's history. A detailed introduction to the volume notes that society must know about the past in order to understand the present and to confront the future. Once we learn, for example, that the nation's constitutional arrangements have, since their beginnings, disadvantaged women as citizens; that knowledge can become the basis for demands of redress. Once we discover that women routinely have been paid less than men for comparable labor, the case for negotiating a new deal has begun. In this third edition there are 27 readings, 8 of which have been retained from the previous second edition. There are 19 new selections which focus on a range of issues including race and ethnicity, work, sexual orientation, and disability. The readings are also organized into 4 sections: Pre-Confederation, Post-Confederation, Post-WWI, and Post-WWII. Each selection is introduced by the editors, who place the reading within its historical and historiographical contexts.



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Oxford University Press


New York, NY


Canada (History), Feminism, Gender, Social conditions, Women


Canadian History | Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Women's History | Women's Studies

Rethinking Canada the Promise of Women's History

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