Emerging from Women's Studies: A New World View and a New Goal for Educators

Nancy Topping Bazin, Old Dominion University

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A feminist is someone who believes in change - a change in the status of women. Feminists differ, however, concerning the amount and kind of change, Therefore, among feminists there exists the whole political spectrum from conservative to radical. The need for change is clear when one examines the facts. On the national level, 51% of the population is female; yet only 1 % of women hold top jobs; and 60% of all working women arc clerks, saleswomen, waitresses, and hairdressers. A secretary with 13 years of education earns 38% less than a truck driver with 9 years of education; and a nurse with 14 years of education earns 5.8% less than a delivery man. For every salesman's dollar earned, a saleswoman earns S.40. On the international level, 23-33% of all households in the world are female-headed, and these female-headed families have 50% less income than male-headed families. Two-thirds of the world's illiterate people are female; 80% of the women in Asia and Africa cannot read or write. Furthermore, more than half of the women in all developing countries are anemic.