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My story is about developing women’s studies from 1970 to 1977 at Rutgers College, which was then one of the five separate colleges that made up Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Rutgers College was all-male, but it did not stay that way long. Because it was part of a state university, the Board of Governors decided that the college had to go co-ed the following year to avoid being sued for discrimination. In order not to displace male students, the integration would proceed very slowly by adding a few females to each freshman class. After four years of letting the resistant males become accustomed to having women on campus, the admissions office would begin taking students solely on the basis of merit. But, when shocked administrators learned that the criterion of merit would result in accepting more females than males, they quickly put in place a 50-50 quota system.

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Bazin, N. T. (2003). Women at Rutgers College: Remembering 1970-1977 [Speech transcript]. Nancy Topping Basin: Art Works and Literature & Women's Studies Publications.