Beyond the Page: Latin American Poetry from the Calligramme to the Virtual


Beyond the Page: Latin American Poetry from the Calligramme to the Virtual



This scholarly monograph offers a fresh look at modern experimental poetry in Spanish, Portuguese and French produced in Latin America. The work uses a variety of interdisciplinary approaches to examine how these experimental poetic forms can be best interpreted and understood through a performative lens. Examined structures and textures inherent in these performed works vary: they include paintings, typographical art, optophonetic (visual representations of sounds) techniques, and music, to name only a few examples. The investigative scope of the study is large---it includes texts from Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Brazil and includes texts in Spanish, Portuguese and French. Through detailed analysis Professor Huizar demonstrates what we can read in the visual and sound components of these poems as performance on a page, and while these may be limited on the bound text, they do produce a performativity that is predictive of current technological innovations of the canon whose performative and interactive aspects include the latest multi-media technologies resulting in forms as cyper poetry and hypertextuality, electronic music and pictorial language. [From]



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Academica Press


Bethesda, Maryland


Avant-garde, Experimental poetry (Spanish American), Latin American poetry


French and Francophone Language and Literature | Latin American Languages and Societies | Poetry | Spanish and Portuguese Language and Literature