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Journal of Maps






2251510 (1-13)


Numerous studies have concentrated on developing user-centered designs for hazard zone maps but rarely for hazard-oriented geomorphological maps, named as Geomorphological Hazard Thematic Maps (GHTMs) in this study, which provide more detailed information about natural hazards. This study developed a user-centered mapping design for GHTMs for nonexperts in geomorphology. We invited civil engineers and high school educators to evaluate a sample GHTM's design in group and focus group panel interviews. The civil engineers preferred maps with more geomorphological features, whereas the educators preferred simple designs. Both groups indicated that the inclusion of essential facilities and road networks is essential. The map was also adjusted by adding hillshade layer and by changing the symbology for mass wasting, fault scarps, and fluvial features to increase clarity and simplicity. This case study is the first step toward developing user-centered mapping designs for hazard communication that will deepen their understanding of natural hazards.


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Shen, S.-M., Chen, Y.-H., Lo, C.-M., Yu, M.-T., Lin, S.-C., Wang, S., Chang, C.-H., & Lin, S.-C. (2023). A user-centered mapping design for geomorphological hazard thematic map. Journal of Maps, 19(1), 1-13, Article 2251510.


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