Computer Ethics - Philosophical Enquiry (CEPE) Proceedings

Submission Guidelines

All papers on the CEPE 2019 program may be submitted for inclusion in the Proceedings. Submission of a paper for inclusion is not required. This is in recognition of the fact that some papers may be under consideration by journals that may object to the publication of an earlier draft, or that authors may plan to submit to journals that may have this objection.

For submission to the proceedings, no transfer of copyright is required: we require only to be granted a limited and non-transferable right to publish your paper in the Proceedings on the open web, and to migrate/republish in the eventuality that ODU moves its digital repository to a different hosting service.

Peer review will not be conducted on full papers, and there will be only light copyediting. Please be sure that the work you submit for inclusion is fully revised and edited to your satisfaction. Please format according to JStC requirements, outlined here, with the exceptions that (1) the requirements in the "style" section are optional for the proceedings, and (2) the article title, authors, and abstract should be included in the document.

For inclusion, please submit your paper prior to July 15. Use the Submit Article link to the left.