Date of Award

Spring 1981

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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Chemistry & Biochemistry



Committee Director

Charles E. Bell

Committee Member

Frank E. Scully, Jr.

Committee Member

Roy L. Williams

Committee Member

Billy T. Upchurch

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Special Collections LD4331.C45 D73


Small, aliphatic amines added to a basic, aqueous solution (16.2 L) at a concentration of 100 parts per billion were isolated by sorption on a small column of macroreticular resin. The amines were eluted with diethyl ether; the eluate concentrated, and the compounds separated and identified by gas chromatography. The efficiency of the recovery of a-nines ranged from 5 to 28%.

A protocol for derivatizing pyrrolidine and n-pentylamine in ether with fluorinated acylating agents was developed. The method was found to be adequate for the detection of approximately 13 micrograms of &-nines in concentrated ether extract.

Environmental water samples taken from Lake Wright in Norfolk, Virginia were analyzed in this manner for the presence of amines. Although pyrrolidine and _!2-pentylamine were suspected to be present, derivatization of ether concentrates from XAD-2 extraction failed to confirm the presence of the two amines at levels above 10 parts per billion. It was concluded that XAD-2 resin is not suitable for the isolation of amines from environmental samples.


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