Date of Award

Fall 1984

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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Dental Hygiene


Dental Hygiene

Committee Director

Pamela Parker Brangan

Committee Member

Patricia Damon Johnson

Committee Member

James Luton

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Special Collections LD4331.D46 R52


A survey was conducted on 159 full-time dental hygiene educators in order to collect data on job satisfaction, morale, and perceived institutional/program effectiveness. Educators were chosen for the study by cluster sampling from two- and four-year accredited dental hygiene programs in the United States. The programs were selected at random from stratified groups according to type of institutional setting. Participants were asked to complete a questionnaire which contained four major sections: demographic data, job satisfaction, institutional/program effectiveness, and feelings related to their position. Findings were analyzed utilizing contingency tables and Chi-Square analysis. No attempt was made to establish a cause and effect relationship between any of the variables present. Data analysis suggests that characteristics of burnout are evident in the profession of dental hygiene educators. Findings suggest that a significant relationship exists between institutional setting type and aspects of job satisfaction as well as institutional effectiveness and aspects of job satisfaction.


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