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Conference Paper

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14th International Conference on RF Superconductivity



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14th International Conference on RF Superconductivity


TEM cross-section observation on Nb surfaces has been a challenge to our superconducting radio frequency (SRF) community due to the highly reactive nature of Nb. Although it was demonstrated in an early attempt1 that under a suitable sample preparation procedure reasonably clear cross-section images of Nb could be obtained, to the best of our knowledge good atomically resolved images had never been obtained. In this report, it is shown that by modifying the sample preparation procedure adopted in reference 1 it is possible to obtain good cross-section images of Nb surfaces with atomic resolution routinely. Surface atomic structures of Nb samples prepared by buffered electropolishing (BEP), buffered chemical polishing (BCP), and an untreated sample will be reported and compared.

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Wu, A. T., Baumgart, H., & Gu, D. (2009). TEM study of niobium surfaces treated by different polishing techniques. Paper presented at the 14th International Conference on RF Superconductivity, Berlin, Germany, September 20th-25th, 2009.