Date of Award

Fall 2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Educational Foundations & Leadership


Higher Education

Committee Director

Mitchell R. Williams

Committee Director

Kim E. Bullington

Committee Member

Christopher R. Glass

Committee Member

Abdifatah A. Ali


This dissertation presents a thorough investigation into the impact of dual enrollment programs on postsecondary achievement among students who identify as Black/African American. Dual enrollment initiatives have gained significant attention in recent years as a promising approach to enhance students' readiness for higher education and facilitate smoother transitions to college. This research seeks to provide valuable insights into the effectiveness and implications of such programs, shedding light on their potential to improve postsecondary outcomes for Black/African American students. This study also acknowledges inherent limitations and delves into potential practical applications of the research outcomes, exploring how educators and policymakers can optimize dual enrollment programs to maximize their impact on postsecondary achievement. The broader significance of the research lies in its potential to inform evidence-based decision-making processes regarding dual enrollment initiatives, with the ultimate goal of fostering educational equity and facilitating students' successful transition to higher education.

This study employs ex post facto data from the High School Longitudinal Study (HSLS:09) to investigate the effects of dual enrollment on high school completion, postsecondary enrollment, and first-year persistence. Logistic regression was utilized as the analytical approach to analyze the relationship between dual enrollment and these educational outcomes. Through rigorous statistical analysis, this study aims to uncover potential associations between dual enrollment and positive educational outcomes for Black/African American students. These findings could have profound implications for educational policy, as they might shed light on the efficacy of dual enrollment initiatives in supporting students’ academic success and college transition. In conclusion, this dissertation contributes to the growing body of knowledge surrounding dual enrollment’s impact on postsecondary achievement. It provides valuable insights for educators, policymakers, and stakeholders to make informed decisions that promote student success and educational attainment.


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