Date of Award

Summer 8-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Engineering Management & Systems Engineering


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

Committee Director

C. Ariel Pinto

Committee Member

Adrian Gheorghe

Committee Member

Hongyi Wu


Cloud Manufacturing(CMfg) is an advanced manufacturing model that caters to fast-paced agile requirements (Putnik, 2012). For manufacturing complex products that require extensive resources, manufacturers explore advanced manufacturing techniques like CMfg as it becomes infeasible to achieve high standards through complete ownership of manufacturing artifacts (Kuan et al., 2011). CMfg, with other names such as Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS) and Cyber Manufacturing (NSF, 2020), addresses the shortcoming of traditional manufacturing by building a virtual cyber enterprise of geographically distributed entities that manufacture custom products through collaboration.

With manufacturing venturing into cyberspace, Digital Trust issues concerning product quality, data, and intellectual property security, become significant concerns (R. Li et al., 2019). This study establishes a trust mechanism through data provenance for ensuring digital trust between various stakeholders involved in CMfg. A trust model with smart contracts built on the Ethereum blockchain implements data provenance in CMfg. The study covers three data provenance models using Ethereum smart contracts for establishing digital trust in CMfg. These are Product Provenance, Order Provenance, and Operational Provenance. The models of provenance together address the most important questions regarding CMfg: What goes into the product, who manufactures the product, who transports the products, under what conditions the products are manufactured, and whether regulatory constraints/requisites are met.


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