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Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare






Intellectual capital is a scarce resource in the healthcare industry. Making the most of this resource is the first step toward achieving a completely intelligent healthcare system. However, most existing centralized and deep learning-based systems are unable to adapt to the growing volume of global health records and face application issues. To balance the scarcity of healthcare resources, the emerging trend of IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) and edge computing will be very practical and cost-effective. A full examination of the transformational role of intelligent edge computing in the IoMT era to attain health care equity is offered in this research. Intelligent edge computing-aided distribution and collaborative information management is a possible approach for a long-term digital healthcare system. Furthermore, IEC (Intelligent Edge Computing) encourages digital health data to be processed only at the edge, minimizing the amount of information exchanged with central servers/the internet. This significantly increases the privacy of digital health data. Another critical component of a sustainable healthcare system is affordability in digital healthcare. Affordability in digital healthcare is another key component of a sustainable healthcare system. Despite its importance, it has received little attention due to its complexity. In isolated and rural areas where expensive equipment is unavailable, IEC with AR / VR, also known as edge device shadow, can play a significant role in the inexpensive data collection process. Healthcare equity becomes a reality by combining intelligent edge device shadows and edge computing.


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Lakshminarayanan, V., Ravikumar, A., Sriraman, H., Alla, S., & Chattu, V. K. (2023). Health care equity through Intelligent Edge Computing and augmented reality/virtual reality: A systematic review. Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare, 16, 2839-2859.