Date of Award

Spring 2024

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)




Creative Writing

Committee Director

Kent J. Wascom

Committee Member

Jane E. Alberdeston

Committee Member

John P. McManus


The Old Dominion University Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program requires students to produce a professional-quality manuscript in their area of concentration, whether that area be fiction, creative non-fiction or poetry, to serve as their thesis. Students in the fiction genre can chose to write a novel length manuscript of at least 120-pages in one fiction sub-genre (fantasy, historical, horror, literary, mystery/crime, romance, science fiction, suspense/thriller, westerns, and young adult), or they can chose to write a collection of short stories across multiple genres that adds up to a minimum of 120-pages.

The Khronicon Part One: A Child of the Sancti, is a novel length manuscript written in the fantasy, or more correctly, high fantasy, genre. That being so, The Khronicon was conceived to be larger than its supposed high fantasy fiction self and larger than any single genre. It was conceived to be mythopoeic. It was conceived to legendary. It was conceived to be poetic. It was conceived to grow into a poetic mythopoeic legendarium, for as a writer whose emphasis is the novel, The Khronicon is planned to be a collection of novel length works of fiction, A Child of the Sancti being but book one of the first trilogy in a trilogy of trilogies.


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