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IAJC 2022 International Conference


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IAJC 2022 International Conference, 13-16 October 2022, Orlando, Florida


The main objective of this paper is to describe a project focused on the development of experiential learning experiences for undergraduate and graduate students focusing on smart cities. The future workforce needs students with various data analytics skills, service reliability, and sustainability. The team of researchers from Old Dominion University and Virginia Commonwealth University is developing a virtual smart city lab environment at both universities and collaborating on multiple research projects. The main purpose of this virtual labs is to provide a testbed that can be used for students who are interested in careers related to cyber-physical systems (CPS). These emergent technologies often develop faster than changes in the curriculum at various universities and K-12 school systems. New technologies related to connectivity, data collection, visualization, analysis, resource management, and control require a future workforce that is well-equipped with cybersecurity skills. The future workforce that will work on the design, development, maintenance, and utilization of smart cities requires the application of multiple research areas, such as embedded and cloud computing, wireless communications, and artificial intelligence (AI), to realize safe, intelligent public services, such as utilities, transportation, healthcare while ensuring privacy and security. This paper will present an overview of different outreach curriculum modules that are used for high school student engagement and outreach for a future pathway to the smart city workforce. It is a part of the bigger project related to the experimental learning for smart city application.


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Kuzlu, M., Jovanovic, V., Purywar, N., Martin, P. J., Abdelwahed, S., & Güler, Ö. (2022). Development of experiential learning experiences for K-12 students focusing on smart cities [Paper presentation]. IAJC 2022 International Conference, Orlando, Florida.


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