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[First paragraph] The Pacific Island nations face unique developmental challenges and vulnerability issues that, in some cases, threaten their very existence. The Islands’ political and civil society leaders have recently embraced a vision of inclusive and sustainable development for remodeling their countries’ ‘brown economies’ into people-centered green/blue economies fostering poverty eradication. However, moving to a new socio-economic paradigm is a goal that the Pacific Island countries cannot achieve alone. They need reliable partners with green-tech capability and innovative aid policies. Taiwan is potentially the ideal partner for building a new framework for Pacific islanders and enabling them to reach for green/blue resilience. The benefits would be multifarious and mutual. In particular, Taiwan would maximize its soft power as a ‘Pacific Family’ member, which may be the only strategy available to protect its long-term interests in the region. Pacific Islanders, on their side, would be empowered in their transformational effort to resolve the dichotomy between vulnerability and resilience in their socio-ecological system.