Developments in the Global Energy Markets and Constructing the Future of the Persian Gulf Security

Date of Award

Summer 8-2012

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Master of Arts (MA)


Political Science & Geography


Graduate Program in International studies

Committee Director

Simon Serfaty

Committee Member

Steve Yetiv

Committee Member

David Ernest

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Special Collections LD4331.I45 C46 2012


This study analyses the global energy projections and regional dynamics in the Persian Gulf. It is shown that the future projections in the world energy markets signify the importance of cooperation between developed and developing countries. It is also suggested that connected to the global economic crises and the regional demand change in the energy market, there is a growing need for international support to the Persian Gulf security.

I argue that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) could play a crucial role for eliminating political conflicts and maintaining the regional stability. As a result, collective arm transfer to the region, followed by growing training and interoperability within the armed forces, could assure protection and security in the Persian Gulf under the lead of the US.


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