Increasing International Military Interdependence: Defense Cooperation in the New World Order

Date of Award

Summer 8-1992

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Master of Arts (MA)


Political Science & Geography


Graduate Program in International studies

Committee Director

David M. Keithly

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Patrick Rollins

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William J. Shugrue

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Special Collections LD4331.I45C36


This thesis examines whether military interdependence among states is increasing or decreasing. Although it is impossible to predict the future, it can be deduced that military interaction is increasing as a result of current world events and stated Presidential policy objectives. In order for interdependency to reach fruition governments must create policy which allows mutual goals to be realized. If military-to-military programs contribute to U.S. political objectives then government policy toward military interdependence should allow the U.S. military to act as a catalyst for international cooperation as well as the guardian of U.S. security interests. Whether global peace and security becomes a collective effort is the responsibility of world political leaders and international organizations who must emphasize the need, as well as the benefit, of increased defense cooperation. The basic documentation of increasing military interdependence is evidenced in current Department of Defense, State Department, and Department of the Army (DA) records and reports, high-level policy statements, interviews with military officials, and scholarly opinion. Further documentation is drawn from activities associated with one of DA's international agencies, the International Army Programs Directorate.


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