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Aims To explore the effectiveness of the Norfolk QOL-DN (QOL-DN), PN-QOL-97, and NeuroQOL-28 as tools for early detection of diabetic peripheral neuropathy in overweight, obese, and inactive (OOI), prediabetes (PD), and type 2 diabetes (T2D) individuals.

Methods Thirty-four adults were divided by A1C [(10 OOI, 13 PD, and 11 T2D] and the sural nerves were tested bilaterally via NC-Stat DPN Check, conducting a sural nerve conduction study (NCS). Participants were individually timed, filling out questionnaires (QOL-DN, NeuroQOL-28, and PN-QOL-97) at a self-selected pace. Data were analyzed and compared to NCS findings to determine the best instrument for early neuropathy detection, usability in screening settings, and application for individuals with OOI, PD, and T2D.

Results Abnormal NCS results were obtained from 27 individuals, of which 25 were bilateral and symmetrical. Confirmed DSPN criteria were met for 24, and 1 case met criteria for subclinical neuropathy. Normal NCS findings, reported symptoms, and reduced bilateral sensation were found in 7 cases. The QOL-DN and NeuroQOL-28 significantly predict neuropathy criteria in OOI, PD, and T2D subjects. Analyses revealed the QOL-DN as the quickest for completion (M=5.17; SD=1.83), followed by the NeuroQOL-28 (M=5.58; SD=3.56), and the PN-QOL-97 (M=13.23; SD=3.606).

Conclusions The QOL-DN and NeuroQOL-28 are valid early screening measures for DPN detection. Time completion studies revealed that the QOL-DN and NeuroQOL-28 may be used as excellent short screening measures, completed in approximately 6 minutes or less, with reasonable scoring for both. The NeuroQOL-28 is a better fit for immediate feedback, time constraints, or limited staff. Future investigations should evaluate these tools for detection in DPN-prone individuals and in subclinical populations screenings.


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Brown, J. J., Colberg, S. R., Pribesh, S., Baskette, K. G., & Vinik, A. I. (2021). A comparison of neuropathy quality of life tools: Norfolk QOL-DN, PN-QOL-97, and NeuroQOL-28. Medical Research Archives, 9(11), 1-16.


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