Instructional Message Design, Volume 3


0000-0002-7210-5800 (Ramlatchan)

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Book Chapter

Publication Date

Spring 2024

Publication Title

Instructional Message Design: Theory, Research, and Practice (Volume 3)


27 pp.


Multimedia learning theory describes how the designers of instructional messages, systems and learning environments can optimize learning. The principles and heuristics of multimedia learning theory have application in traditional and online environments, with young and adult learners, in K-12, higher education, military, corporate, government, and informal learning environments. This diversity of application is based on the foundational premise that all learners can independently process auditory and visual information, have limited working memory resources, and require cognitive resources to process new information and to learn. This chapter describes the basic tenets of multimedia learning theory, best practices that can improve our message design and communication, and exciting future directions that we can take new research.


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