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Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy, Savannah, Georgia February 20-22, 2020


This presentation will describe a collaborative project between University faculty and a librarian that connected faculty who teach general education information literacy courses to those who teach upper-level writing intensive courses. The project provided an opportunity for these faculty to participate in a focus group discussion to explore how the courses are aligned and how information literacy courses can support and prepare students for upper-level writing courses. Following the focus group discussion the presenters provided an opportunity for writing and information literacy faculty to take action on what they learned from each other by participating in an assignment redesign workshop. The assignment redesign workshop followed the Assignment-Design Charrette format. The Assignment-Design Charrette is a style of workshop introduced by the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment in which faculty first reflect on their assignment, bring the assignment and the reflection to the workshop and present their assignment to the group. This presentation will share the outcomes from the workshop. Finally, the presenters will share results from survey research conducted to gather information about student perceptions of how information literacy and writing-intensive course content is aligned and will compare student perceptions to faculty perceptions.


0000-0003-1443-9797 (Rush-Wittkower), 0000-0002-1438-6704 (Sparkman-Key)

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Rush, L., Wittkower, D. E., & Sparkman-Key, N. (2020). Making connections between general education information literacy classes and upper-level writing courses: An exploration of faculty and student perceptions. Paper presented at the Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy, Savannah, Georgia February 20-22, 2020.