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A Guide to Library Careers: Choosing Your Path




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Although there are several specialties a future librarian can choose, one of the most rewarding is that of a public librarian. Out of all the choices such as art, music, law, school, and academic librarians, the public librarian is the only profession that can serve children and adults of all ages. People choose to visit the public library to find 1 books they enjoy, find unusual collections, do research for school or personal use, utilize free wifi, or join in on reading groups. Local libraries provide free resources and materials as well as items in special collections that one would never think a library would offer.

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Hayes, M., & Mullis, A. (2023). Chapter Three: ISBN Thinking about Public Library Careers. In S. C. Kimmel (Ed.), A Guide to Library Careers: Choosing Your Path (pp. 1-8). Old Dominion University Libraries.