Date of Award

Summer 1999

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)



Committee Director

Betty Alexy

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Richardean Benjamin

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Laurel Garzon

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Lindsay L. Rettie


Objectives. This study addressed the questions, (1) To what degree are home health nurses satisfied in their job? (2) What variable ranks as the most important for home health nurses' satisfaction? and, (3) Is there a difference between job satisfaction of full time employment, part time, and per diem home health nurses?

Methods. The data were collected from six home health agencies in the Hampton Roads Area resulting in a sample of (N = 72). The McCloskey and Mueller Satisfaction Scale developed in 1990 (MMSS) was used to measure home health nurses' satisfaction.

Results. The home health nurses' satisfaction indicators were ranked from the highest to the lowest as follows: scheduling, praise and recognition, interaction opportunities, reward, control and responsibility, and professional opportunities. The overall mean global score of the MMSS was (3.54), which reflects marginal job satisfaction among home health nurses in the Hampton Roads Area. The overall mean score of the full time employed nurses was higher than the overall mean score of per diem and part time nurses.

Conclusions. On the basis of the study findings, home health nurses are marginally satisfied with their work environment in the Hampton Roads Area.


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