Date of Award

Summer 1977

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Master of Science (MS)


Ocean & Earth Sciences



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Anthony J. Provenzano

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Chester E. Grosch

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Daniel M. Dauer

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Morris H. Roberts, Jr.

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Special Collections LD4331.O35 F66


Palaemonetes pugio larvae, obtained by induced breeding of adults collected in the late fall of 1975 from the Lafayette River, Norfolk, Virginia, were reared in the laboratory using a six temperature by seven salinity factorial design in order to determine the effects of these factors on larval development. Test conditions involved temperature levels ranging from 10°C to 32.5°C and salinity levels from 5°/oo to 35°/oo. At each temperature-salinity condition, 36 larvae were reared individually in 25 ml of artificial seawater containing 25 mg/kg of polyethylene oxide. Food consisted of Artemia nauplii at a concentration of 30/ml of culture water. From data collected, survival, larval duration, number of molts, and intermolt duration were derived. Standard statistical methods were used to assist in the analysis of the data. Employing stepwise multiple linear regression, an equation was derived to fit the observed data, and a predictive response surface was subsequently plotted. Results indicate that temperature and salinity have a significant effect on the larval development off P. pugio.


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