Date of Award

Fall 12-1980

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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



Committee Director

Allan J. Zuckerwar

Committee Member

A. J. Griffin

Committee Member

Gary E. Copeland

Committee Member

Jacob Becher

Committee Member

James L. Cox, Jr.

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Special Collections LD4331.P48M47


Sound absorption measurements were conducted in N2 -H2O gas mixtures at 297, 343, and 387 Kelvin to determine the location of the vibrational relaxation peak of nitrogen on the frequency/pressure, (f/P), axis as a function of humidity and temperature. At low humidities the best fit of the data is to a linear relationship between (f/P)max and humidity (h) yields a slope of 1 .84 X 104 Hz/ atm mole fraction at all three temperatures. The slope is the same as that reported by Zuckerwar and Griffin (2.00 X 104 Hz/atm mole fraction) but is lower than the value (2.6 X 104 Hz/atm mole fraction) reported by Chang, Shields, and Bass at higher humidities. These sets of data are shown to be mutually' consistent by means of a model in which vibration-vibration transfer is assumed to provide the dominant relaxation path. The results of this work indicate that the relationship between (f/P)max and h written into ANSI Standard S1 .26/ASA21-1978 contains an excessively large slope, does not account for the observed transition between low-humidity and high-humidity slopes, and specifies an erroneous temperature dependence.


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