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Physical Review C






034308 (1-12)


Background: In the absence of accurate data on the free two-body hyperon-nucleon interaction, the spectra of hypernuclei provides information on the details of the effective hyperon-nucleon interaction.

Purpose: To obtain a high-resolution binding-energy spectrum for the 9Be(e, e' K+)9ΛLi reaction.

Method: Electroproduction of the hypernucleus 9ΛLi has been studied for the first time with sub-MeV energy resolution in Hall A at Jefferson Lab on a 9Be target. In order to increase the counting rate and to provide unambiguous kaon identification, two superconducting septum magnets and a ring imaging Cherenkov detector were added to the Hall A standard equipment.

Results: The cross section to low-lying states of 9ΛLi is concentrated within 3 MeV of the ground state and can be fit with four peaks. The positions of the doublets agree with theory while a disagreement could exist with respect to the relative strengths of the peaks in the doublets. The Λ separation energy, BΛ, of 8.36 ± 0.08 (stat.) ± 0.08 (syst.) MeV was measured, in agreement with an earlier experiment.


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Urciuoli, G. M., Cusanno, F., Marrone, S., Acha, A., Ambrozewicz, P., Aniol, K. A., . . . Jefferson Lab Hall, A. C. (2015). Spectroscopy of Li-9(Lambda) by electroproduction. Physical Review C, 91(3). doi:10.1103/PhysRevC.91.034308


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