The President's Lecture Series serves as a marketplace for ideas, featuring renowned speakers who share their knowledge, experience, opinions and accomplishments. Discussing timely topics, the series puts diversity first, offering an international lineup of authors and educators, business innovators and political figures.

The Series presents to the region a platform for equal exchange of dialogue and ideas. It began in 1991 with its first lecturer, James J. Kilpatrick, a controversial journalist in the 1950s against desegregation in Virginia's public schools. Kilpatrick spoke on campus in a traditional lecture format, including a question and answer session, which allowed for a source of lively dialogue and free speech, trademarks of the series. Today, the President's Lecture Series maintains this format and is free and open to the public.

This collection contains information about all of the lectures in the series. Some actual video of the PLS speakers who were taped with a digital video camera (2016-present) and those whose presentations were converted from raw video tape is available, and indicated with a "play" icon. The majority of pre-2016 PLS videos are available on DVD or VHS in the Special Collections & University Archives Department in Perry Library and will be digitally available in the future. Other lectures were not recorded.


Lectures from 1998

Sir Ghillean Prance Streaming media available, Ghillean Prance

Lynne V. Cheney: "Saving Our Schools" Streaming media available, Lynne V. Cheney

Bettina Gregory: "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Network News" Streaming media available, Bettina Gregory

LouAnne Johnson: "The Secret Life, Sex Education, and Hand-to-Hand Combat", LouAnne Johnson

Ralph Wiley: "The Creative Process", Ralph Wiley

Nadine Strossen: "Current Challenges to Civil Liberties", Nadine Strossen

Lectures from 1997

Arianna Huffington; ''Healing America: Twelve Steps to American Renewal" Streaming media available, Arianna Huffington

Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, Jr., Elmo Zumwalt

William F. Buckley, Jr.: "Reflections on Current Contentions" Streaming media available, William F. Buckley Jr.

Cathy Rigby: "Going for the Gold" Streaming media available, Cathy Rigby

Phyllis Schlafly: "The Feminists Just Don't Get It", Phyllis Schlafly

Julian Bond: "A Collision Course in a Divided Society", Julian Bond

Morris Dees: "Teaching Tolerance", Morris Dees

Lectures from 1996

Dr. Ruth Westheimer: "Sexually Speaking", Ruth Westheimer

Pierre Salinger, Pierre Salinger

Molly Ivins: "Insights from Molly", Molly Ivins

Benjamin Karim: "Remembering Malcolm", Benjamin Karim

Ralph Reed, Jr.: Remarks by Ralph Reed, Jr., Ralph Reed Jr.

Colonel Margarethe Cammermeyer: "Serving in Silence", Margarethe Cammermeyer

Lectures from 1995

Charles Murray and Alvin Poussaint: "The Bell Curve Debate", Charles Murray and Alvin Poussaint

Dr. William Schulz: "Human Rights: A Global Update", William Schulz

Lillian Vernon: "The Entrepreneur and the Professional Manager: Getting the Best of Both Worlds", Lillian Vernon