National Poetry Month 2022: Poetry Prompts

This April, for National Poetry Month, we’ve asked Virginia and Virginia-affiliated poets to give us a poetry prompt that we can feature. Come back to look for a new writing prompt every day this month (and come back to it in our archives, anytime afterwards). Happy writing!


Poetry Prompts

01: Ancestors, Food, the Senses!, Deborah A. Miranda

02: Ode, KaNikki Jakarta

03: The Wordle Poem, Lucian Mattison

04: Married to a Nation, Nathan Richardson

05: What Comes into View, Douglas Powell

06: Martian Postcards, Henry Hart

07: Places, Questions, Lauren K. Alleyne

08: Ordinary, not Ordinary, Kindra McDonald

09: Digging Beneath the Headline, Benjamín Naka-Hasebe Kingsley

10: Making Connections, Sofi Starnes

11: Longings, Kelly Morse

12: Not Just the Blues, Hermine Pinson

13: One Sentence, Noah Renn

14: You, the Butterfly, Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda

15: 5 x 5, David Anthony Sam

16: Your Favorite, Remica Bingham-Risher

17: Ah, Time!, Robbie Ciara

18: So Many Ways to Worship, Charlotte Maleski

19: Use One, Get One Free Prompt!, Holly Karapetkova

20: Poem for Calling Ghosts, Julie Phillips Brown

21: Points of View, Nicole Tong

22: On Joy, Rebekah Coxwell

23: Poetry and Physics, Joanna Lee

24: Hiding, Eddie Dowe

25: We’ll Never Tire of Love, Beth Williams

26: Oh Forehead, Oh Eyelid, Oh Hip..., Libby Kurz

27: Pop Meal!, Matthew G. Moscato

28: Evidence of Life, Michael Khandelwal

29: In Their Own Voice, Tim Seibles

30: Dear Monster, Dear Minotaur, Luisa A. Igloria