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Journal of Personnel Psychology


We examined the factor structure of the recently developed worker well-being measure the Workplace PERMA Profiler and relationships between PERMA dimensions (i.e., positive emotions, engagement, positive relationships, meaning, accomplishment) and job performance (viz., task performance, organizational citizenship behaviors benefiting individuals and the organization at large). The measure exhibited metric (i.e., weak) invariance across samples of participants from the U.S. (N = 284) and China (N = 420). Additionally, for participants who responded to both the Workplace PERMA Profiler and the performance measures, there was a general pattern of positive PERMA–performance relationships across both samples (NU.S. = 147; NChina = 202). Overall, the Workplace PERMA Profiler may have problematic psychometric properties and item wordings and thus would benefit from further refinement.


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Jimenez, W. P., Hu, X., Garden, R., & Xie, X. (2021). Toward a more PERMA(nent) conceptualization of worker well-being? A cross-cultural study of the Workplace PERMA Profiler. Journal of Personnel Psychology. Advance online publication.


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