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Jackson State University, Jackson, MS


Computer Science

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Summer 2021


Blockchain technology facilitates the flow of information and the speed of information through a faster and more decentralized network. It has its advantages as compared to more centralized networks and legacy networks. With the evolution of mainstream technology, blockchains is predicted to be more effective and sufficient to consumers and commercial companies. In this paper, blockchains will be scaled to cryptocurrency mining, where cryptocurrencies utilize blockchain technology to record transactions and orders. Mining will also be examined through energy consumption, the algorithms behind some cryptocurrencies, their sustainability issue, and resolutions to combat high energy consumption. While the pace of energy consumption has changed since the beginning of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, conventional energy has been constantly consumed drastically, and this paper will observe the sources behind this consumption and the alternatives to create a greener world amidst a crackdown on bitcoin taken as a source of currency to major companies.


Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, Mining, Bitcoin


Computer Sciences | E-Commerce



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Measurement Study of Energy Impact on Blockchain Technologies:  Cryptocurrency Mining



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