Women's Social and Legal Issues in African Current Affairs: Lifting the Barriers


Women's Social and Legal Issues in African Current Affairs: Lifting the Barriers



This volume explores the difficulties that beset African women and inhibit them from excelling in many walks of life in the twenty-first century. Asymmetrical relations in society position women in subjugated and marginalized roles. This is caused by customary practices that have left women in vulnerable and subsidiary positions, as well as statutory provisions that fester this process.

Despite its richness in raw materials and minerals, Africa remains slow to grow when compared to other continents. The economies of most African countries is severely anemic: corruption is rife, poor governance is systemic, and wars, conflicts, famine and diseases abound. Stalled economies disproportionately affects women; for example, as nurturers, women have the extra responsibility of taking care of children and members of the extended family. In times of want, women are more likely to give up the little they have so that their children and others may survive. This book shows the various social and legal obstacles that stall women’s upward mobility and offers recommendations on how these issues can be resolved. [From Amazon.com]



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Africa, Economic conditions, Legal status, Patriarchy, Sex discrimination, Social conditions, Women


African Studies | Gender and Sexuality | Inequality and Stratification | Sexuality and the Law | Women's Studies