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[First paragraph] Victimization from cybercrime is a major concern in Virginia, the US, and the world. As individuals and businesses spend more time online, it becomes increasingly important to understand cybercrime and how to protect against it. Such an understanding is dependent on valid and reliable baseline data that identifies the specific nature, extent, and outcomes of cybercrime activity. A better understanding of cybercrime activity is needed to target and prevent it more effectively, minimize its consequences, and provide support for both individual and corporate victims. Before that can occur, however, better baseline data are required, and this project was designed to provide those data for the Commonwealth of Virginia. The purpose of this study was to describe the experiences of Virginia residents and businesses around cybercrime, identify the specific vulnerabilities that are exploited, and discover the consequences of victimization.


Included with the kind written permission of Coastal Virginia Center for Cyber Innovation (COVA CCI).


0000-0002-0935-4484 (Vandecar-Burdin)

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Gainey, R., Vandecar-Burdin, T., Albanese, J., Dearden, T., Hawdon, J., & Parti, K. (2022). CIVIIC: Cybercrime in Virginia: Impacts on industry and citizens final report. Commonwealth Cyber Initiative Coastal Virginia.