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[Introduction] According to Code of Virginia Statute 19.2-152.4:3, Virginia Pretrial Services agencies have two primary responsibilities: (1) present pretrial investigation reports - including pretrial risk assessments - with recommendations to assist courts in discharging their duties related to granting or reconsidering bail, and (2) supervise and assist all defendants placed on pretrial supervision by any judicial officer to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of bail. Consistent with these statutory responsibilities, the Virginia Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument (VPRAI) is used to measure the risk of pretrial failure (failure to appear and new arrest). A structured decision making tool known as the Praxis incorporates the VPRAI results and the current charge to guide Pretrial Service agencies' recommendations for release and detention, as well as pretrial supervision dosage (i.e, levels of supervision with varying frequency and types of contacts). The pretrial release and detention recommendation is designed to manage the risk in the most effective manner. In short, the VPRAI is used to measure the risk of pretrial failure and the Praxis is used to manage that risk.


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