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Adoption of Data Analytics in Higher Education Learning and Teaching




Learning analytics can provide an excellent opportunity for instructors to get an in-depth understanding of students’ learning experiences in a course. However, certain technological challenges, namely limited availability of learning analytics data because of learning management system restrictions, can make accessing this data seem impossible at some institutions. Furthermore, even in cases where instructors have access to a range of student data, there may not be organized efforts to support students across various courses and university experiences. In the current chapter, the authors discuss the issue of learning analytics access and ways to leverage learning analytics data between instructors, and in some cases administrators, to create interdisciplinary opportunities for comprehensive student support. The authors consider the implications of these interactions for students, instructors, and administrators. Additionally, the authors focus on some of the technological infrastructure issues involved with accessing learning analytics and discuss the opportunities available for faculty and staff to take a multi-pronged approach to addressing overall student success.

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Blackmon, S. J., & Moore, R. L. (2020). A framework to support interdisciplinary engagement with learning analytics. In D. Ifenthaler & D. Gibson (Eds.), Adoption of Data Analytics in Higher Education Learning and Teaching (pp. 39-52). Springer.