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4th Biennial Technology Education Research Conference, Surfer's Paradise, Australia


Technology education has seen significant changes since the early 1990's. The paradigm shift from industrial arts has been widely received. Communication tools have merged the global community and standards have helped unify content. While many of these changes have been positive, there are compelling calls for research to support technology education practice. How are we addressing this need? More importantly, is the research we are conducting adding value to technology education practice? This study presents a review and synthesis of published research, as well as graduate research, to address these questions. Specifically, research that has addressed recognized problems and issues within technology education will be highlighted. Additional connections linking research and practice will be analyzed by looking at research relating to Standards for Technological Literacy.


© 2006 Philip Reed

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Reed, P. A. (2006). What do we value? Research on technology education problems, issues, and standards in the United States. 4th Biennial Technology Education Research Conference, Surfer’s Paradise, Australia.


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