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Exemplary STEM Programs: Designs for Success




(First paragraph) Imagine students entering the classroom with an enthusiasm that cannot be contained. They come from all walks of life and with different experiences and backgrounds and are eager to engage in learning. Inspiration and innovation are on their mind. What they learned in their science and math classes is now being applied in another class they take called Technology and Engineering. Opportunity is what they see for their future. Something about connecting all the dots from all their classes propels them to change their outlook, to get involved, to get excited about school and to envision their future.


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Burke, B. N., Reed, P. A., & Wells, J. G. (2014). Integrating technology and engineering in a STEM context. In R. E. Yager & H. Brunkhorst (Eds.), Exemplary STEM Programs: Designs for Success (pp. 353-371). National Science Teachers Association.


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