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International Journal of Designs for Learning








This design case examines what program leaders learned from failures in the design of a program of authentic learning about teaching diverse audiences through educational outreach. The program was initiated and then redesigned to develop the teaching and communication skills of graduate students from a wide range of backgrounds by engaging them in authentic experiences with middle school teachers and students. Analysis of post-program data revealed seven design failures related to the lack of upfront analysis to inform the program design. Each design failure was detailed through a fishbone diagram method to identify the corre- sponding contributing factors. The failures in this design case reinforce the need for upfront learner analysis and contextual analysis. A participatory design was also suggested from the post-program data analysis. An instructional design model was recommended for continuous program redesign.


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Yang, M., & Harbor, J. (2023). Authentic learning design failures: The need for learner and contextual analysis and participatory design. International Journal of Designs for Learning, 14(1), 88-105.