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The benefit of using static versus dynamic visualizations is a controversial one. Few studies have explored the effectiveness of static visualizations to those of dynamic visualizations, and the current state of the literature remains somewhat unclear. During the last decade there has been a lengthy debate about the opportunities for using animation in learning and instruction. More specifically it has been shown that dynamic visualizations often provide no advantages over static visualizations. If they had shown advantages, it was due to the fact that more information was available in the animated than in the static version. Given this result, the focus turned to the question of when dynamic displays are more effective in learning than static ones. For this study, the following was the primary research question: Is there a difference in spatial visualization ability, as measured through technical drawings, among the impacts of static vs. dynamic visualizations for engineering technology students?


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Katsioloudis, P. J., Dickerson, D., Jovanovic, V., & Jones, M. (2015). Evaluation of static vs. dynamic visualizations for engineering technology students and implications on sectional view sketching: A quasi-experimental study. Engineering Design Graphics Journal, 79(1), 14-28.


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