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Fashion and Textiles






4 (1-15)


The purpose of this research is to examine the relationships between objective knowledge, subjective knowledge, and prior experience of organic cotton apparel and their effects on purchase behaviors. The sample of the present study consisted of Millennial consumers living in the United States. Multiple regression and cluster analysis were used to assess the relationship among variables. Objective and subjective knowledge related to organic cotton apparel had a weak relationship suggesting they are distinct measures of knowledge. Direct experience, indirect experience, and education level were significant predictors of subjective knowledge, however, they had insignificant effects on objective knowledge. Furthermore, consumers who are willing to pay more for organic cotton and willing to search actively for organic cotton apparel displayed a higher level of subjective knowledge and had more experience with the product. Objective knowledge was found to have a limited relationship with pro-environmental behaviors. The current study examined distinct types of knowledge associated with organic cotton apparel and their relationship to pro-environmental behaviors which provides a sound basis for better understanding consumers’ organic apparel purchase. It is widely accepted that product knowledge affects consumer behaviors, however, how product knowledge is measured varies extensively across consumer research. The findings offer a valid explanation for the contradictory findings in previous research in terms of the effect of product knowledge on purchase behaviors.


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Han, T.-I. (2019). Objective knowledge, subjective knowledge, and prior experience of organic cotton apparel. Fashion and Textiles, 6(1), 1-15, Article 4.