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Handbook of Research on Teaching Diverse Youth Literature to Pre-Service Professionals




Preparing diverse students to become lifetime readers and writers is best facilitated through experiences with high quality, diverse literature and through the models of the authors and illustrators who create those works. Nothing quite brings an author or illustrator to life like hearing from them in person by hosting an author visit. This chapter explores the value of planning an author visit as an authentic means to learn about diverse authors and their work. Information is provided about identifying and choosing a diverse author or illustrator, planning the logistics of the visit, and preparing to build background and interest within the school and the community in anticipation of the visit. This information is framed with the elements for an assignment that could be employed in a children's literature course offered to pre-service teachers and librarians to create a mock plan for an in-person author visit in a school. Students could carry this assignment forward to their classrooms or libraries to plan an author visit or to write a grant to fund a visit.


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Kimmel, S. C. (2021). Up close and personal: Hosting diverse authors. In D. Hartsfield (Ed.), Handbook of research on teaching diverse youth literature to pre-service professionals (pp. 422-437). IGI Global.


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