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2018 Annual Conference of the American Educational Research Association


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2018 Annual Conference of the American Educational Research Association, April 16, 2018, New York, New York


The predominant aggregate-statistical analyses in motivational research manifest assumptions that stand in tension with understandings of motivational phenomena as dynamic, contextual, and variable among individuals. Using constructs from expectancy-value theory, we collected 13 weekly waves of data from 145 undergraduate students during one semester of an introductory biology course. We analyzed the data using dynamic autoregressive mixed-effects modeling, which captures the individual-level recursive processes among constructs, and then examined patterns across individuals’ motivational trajectories to discern general principles by which the expectancy-value system operates. The findings contribute to robust theoretical understandings of expectancy-value processes, and demonstrate the application of an analytical approach to motivational research that is compatible with the nature of motivational phenomena.


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Kaplan, A., Cao, X. H., Dai, T., Obradovic, Z., Perez, T., Cromley, J. G., Mara, K., & Balsai, M. J. (2018, April) Motivation as a complex system: Semester-long recursive dynamics of expectancy-value constructs in undergraduate biology [Poster presentation]. Paper presented at the 2018 American Educational Research Association, New York, New York.


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