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Journal of Teacher Education & Lifelong Learning








The rising significance of technology in society has caused a surge in the requirement of individuals possessing digital competencies. In the current era, digital skills are progressively vital for both personal and occupational growth. Governments have acknowledged the value of digital competencies and have incorporated them as part of fundamental proficiencies in numerous countries. Pre-service teachers have a paramount role in molding forthcoming generations, highlighting their necessity to possess robust digital competencies. This research centers on how an "Information Technologies in Science Education" course influences the digital competency progression in pre-service teachers. The study deployed a pre-test post-test experimental design with a single group to gauge the course's efficacy in enriching pre-service teachers' digital literacy abilities. The study results show that the IT course designed for the science field had an evidently positive effect on the digital competency of pre-service teachers. The mean scores in the post-test indicate a noteworthy level of digital competency in the study group. Moreover, the study notes the absence of experimental research in this domain, highlighting the necessity of further investigation into this area. The study's outcomes have implications for education of science teachers and the integration of digital technologies. The study recommends that programs for teacher education enable future teachers to develop their digital expertise via courses and training schemes. Additionally, it is crucial to incorporate digital technologies into scientific education to provide pupils with the essential abilities to flourish in a digital world.


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Hebebci, M. T., & Crompton, H. (2023). How IT course improves digital competencies: An experimental study in science education. Journal of Teacher Education & Lifelong Learning, 5(2), 466-476.


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