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School Library Research






The school district library supervisor plays a pivotal role in supporting, advising, and providing professional development to building-level librarians; advocating for the program; providing leadership; and representing school library programs to stakeholders in the school system and the larger community. To gain a better understanding of supervisors' roles, responsibilities, demographics, and challenges, and to establish baseline data upon which further research can be built, the Lilead Project was initiated in 2011 at the University of Maryland with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. In 2012 the project team conducted the Lilead Survey, a survey of supervisors nationwide. In this paper, the second of two reports on the results of the survey, we present findings related to the responsibilities and tasks assigned to the position, professional development needs of supervisors and staff, and the range of stakeholder groups with which supervisors work.


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Weeks, A. C., DiScala, J., Barlow, D. L., Massey, S. A., Kodama, C., Hall, R., . . . Follman, R. (2017). The Lilead Survey: A national study of district-level library supervisors: roles, responsibilities, challenges, and professional development needs. School Library Research, 20, 1-28.


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