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Conference Paper

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Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference


Microblogging tools such as Twitter have been frequently adopted in educational settings to facilitate learning. This study examined how a microblogging tool, Twiducate, was incorporated into a graduate-level class of ten students. During the 1.5 hour lesson, students participated in a series of Twiducate-supported collaborative and reflective activities. The analysis of in-class discussion transcripts, text-based posts on Twiducate and a pre- and post-test survey results revealed that students were highly engaged in classroom collaborative learning and there is a high level of interaction. Students reported the challenges of using microblogging tools, such as the possibility of creating distraction and disorder from formal classroom learning. The study suggests that instructor’s careful planning, continuous monitoring and control of the class are crucial when microblogging tools are integrated.

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Luo, T., & Gao, F. (2012). Designing microblogging-based class activities. Paper presented at the Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference.