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Spring 2020

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The Teacher Educators' Journal




21 pp.


In the United States, there is a demand for richer clinical teacher education experiences. Partially in response to this call, innovative new programs like teacher residencies are being developed. As teacher preparation programs are shaped by these mandates, researchers must respond to shifts in the field. The current manuscript includes data from a resident, or teacher candidate, enrolled in a residency program—specifically, his yearlong apprenticeship. Using interviews and other qualitative data, the author examined how the resident’s concerns shifted and also how these concerns differed from those uncovered in previous research. Specifically, his concerns appeared to be more dynamic than previously reported and the residency program may have scaffolded more student-centered concerns. Implications for practice are provided.


This is the Post Print of an article published by the Association of Teacher Educators - Virginia in The Teacher Educators’ Journal Spring 2020, Volume 13. The final version is available at:


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Beck, J. S. (2020). A continuum of critical consciousness: Exploring one resident’s concerns. The Teacher Educators’ Journal,13, 1-21.