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Start Date

3-20-2021 3:00 PM

End Date

3-20-2021 3:55 PM


With this series, I hoped to create a psychedelic view of a future in which space exploration and colonization plays a large role in our way of life. These images are constructed of digital photographs I have taken myself.

The process of collage allows images that would never exist in the same place to interact. They have their own symbology, implication, and context, and when combined, they take on new meaning.

Anaglyph 3D is an antiquated technology that still seems vaguely futuristic. When you watch old movies about the future, i.e., movies taking place in 2000-2020, it is interesting to see how fantastically wrong most of their predictions were. It is even more interesting, the predictions these movies get right, or almost right. My mind goes to Back to the Future II, a movie that takes place in 2015. We don’t have hoverboards, or flying cars, but video chat, rapid access to entertainment, and virtual reality are all commonplace, albeit in different forms than they take in the movie.

I chose to make this series in 3D to illustrate that no matter how technologically advanced we are, the way we continue to conduct ourselves as a species is outdated. We continue to consume more than we need, disrupt the balance of countless ecosystems, and cause general destruction in most of our exploits. My hopes are that all these anachronisms, and clashing iconography work together to construct a thought-provoking set of landscapes that are fun to look at.

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