Date of Award

Summer 1992

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Urban Services - Urban Education

Committee Director

Mark Fravel, Jr.

Committee Member

Jack Robinson

Committee Member

John DeRolf

Committee Member

Robert Lucking

Committee Member

Donald Myers


The purpose of this study is to evaluate volunteer performance in two Hampton Roads museums. The research question was: How can managers of museum volunteer services evaluate volunteer performance? The research design was a naturalistic, responsive, utilization-focused evaluation in response to the research question. The data was collected with a systematic examination of volunteer performance activities using techniques of in-depth interviews, participant observations, a questionnaire, documents and records. The data was analyzed by categorizing, sorting and characterizing the categories, conducting member checks, and prioritizing the data. Triangulation was used to verify the collected information. This study determined important traits, performance expectations, and performance standards for museum volunteers. The evaluation resulted in the development of a performance appraisal system for the managers of museum volunteer services to use in assessing volunteer performance. This information will assist the museums in meeting program objectives, in improving the effectiveness of volunteer training programs, and in enhancing educational programs.